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Overall, I have posted 9 posts on this blog.  All of my posts were done because of the challenge, but I plan to post after the challenge ends.  I received 14 comments during the challenge and responded to all but 1 or 2.  There are 2 posts that tied for first place in the comments category.  My post “Days in the Desert” and the post “Tennis on the Brain” both received 4 comments.  “Days in the Desert” was a post that required me to go out and ask other bloggers to come to my blog and actually comment, therefore I figured that would have a lot of comments.  My other post “Tennis on the Brain” actually surprised me.  I didn’t ask anyone to come to my blog to read it, but I feel like many people can relate to that topic.The post I enjoyed writing the most was “8 Things I Want to do With my Life”.  Writing it actually helped me figure out what my plan really is for my future.

The design of my blog wasn’t really of much concern to me.. I tried out about 10 themes before I came to the conclusion I wanted my background to just be easy going and not too distracting.  I have had the same background the entire 11 weeks.  Widgets always kind of confused me.  When I looked at other people’s blogs I would see all these weird but cool widgets.  I basically only have about 2 or 3 widgets and I wish I had maybe tried to add more cool ones I saw.  I have 5 overseas students on my blog.  I was actually quite surprised when I saw people from blogs I had never heard of or seen anyone connected to comment on my blog that they added me to THEIR blog roll.

I asked my mom to sit down and look at my blog since I had only showed her one or two posts and asked her the questions that were provided.

1.) What were your first impressions of this blog?- “It looks like a lot of thought was put into your posts and you had interesting topics to write about.  I don’t like the little raindrops however.”

2.) What captured your attention?- ” You wrote a lot, but not just to write as many words as possible, you seemed to actually care about the topics provided.  I think the background is a good color and kind of calming.”

3.) What distracted you on the blog?- “I didn’t care for the falling raindrops at all.  I think the raindrops were too distracting to the top post and weren’t necessary.  Other than that, your writing was the main focus which is good.”

4.) What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?- “Well, definitely get rid of those raindrops and add more photos.  Your writing was really detailed but could be even better if you added more photos to go along with all the writing .”

In the end, I am very pleased with how my blog turned out this challenge.  Participating in the challenge showed me people like to read my writing and I will definitely keep my blog up.

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A Blog Worth Mentioning

When I read that this week 10 challenge was to nominate a great blog, one immediately came to mind.  It’s a little awkward writing a post about someone’s blog just because you don’t know how the person will respond to it.  I chose to nominate Audrianna’s blog audriannaam.edublogs.org because every single time I read one of her posts, I got chills.  Audrianna does a really good job of being totally personal and doesn’t hold anything back in her writing.  Again, this is really weird to write about because I know she is going to read this.  I know I probably should, but I don’t read a whole lot of blogs from the challenge.  Honestly, I only have read about 5 people’s blogs regularly.  Audrianna takes every week’s challenge a new way and every post is written really well.

Usually I write about 3  paragraphs in every blog post and definitely could.  However, I think Audrianna’s blog can speak for itself.  The photos, posts and personality alone are beautiful.  I feel completely confident sharing and nominating this blog because there isn’t a post that couldn’t be chosen for a flip board or some kind of recognition.

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8 Things I Want to do With my Life

Future is a big word for me.  Short term future is more talked about it seems, but eventually, the long term future isn’t so long and far away.  So far, there are about 10 things I can think that would make for a good future.  First, I would like to be in a leadership program at Briggs in 8th grade.  Helping out younger grades would be a good thing to do and also really fun.  My whole time at my middle school, I have had a 4.000 grade average, that is NOT going to change in 8th grade!  I plan on attending Springfield High.  Honors classes and varsity Volleyball, Tennis and Track are my hopes.  Being valedictorian would be the ultimate best for me, but I can only do my best…plus a little more.

On to number five…college.  Earning a scholarship in either academics, sports, or even both would be perfect.  Stanford University is pretty much my goal.  Oregon University or University of California Berkley would be my two “Backup” schools ideally.  Recently, one of my classes had me choose a job that I would like to possibly have later on in life.  I chose to pursue a career in Sports Psychology.  I found out that I would need a Masters or Doctorate Degree in Sports Psychology and potentiality I could be making 45,000 dollars my first year.  Now, the money is very good, but the job also sounds like something I would like to do.  I would be helping athletes and sometimes coaches deal with the mental aspect of sports.  A team could either hire me, I could work for an athletic company, or have my own practice.

Photo Credit: Shawn Clover via Compfight cc

There are about four more things that would make a good future for me.  I mean yes, I would like a family but… I’m only 13 and can wait about thinking about that for quite some time!  I think it would be good to travel to some places around the world.  I’m not saying I should take a trip to Europe once a month or anything like that, but going on a few big trips in my life would be good for me.  There is a possibility I could travel to London, England and France in 2016, I will figure out if I like international travel once that trip happens!  I would like to keep up my tennis as I get older as well.  I really think tennis is a good sport and have found out that it helps me be successful in other sports I try out as well!  Now, if I put together traveling AND tennis, going to one of the 4 Major Tennis Tournaments would be a dream come true!

Overall, I only wrote about 8 things I would like to do with my life.  8 things, but they are all very important to me.  School is a very large part of my life now, and as you can see, I want it to stay large, actually I want it to grow bigger!  I discussed travel, jobs, sports and mentioned a bit of family.  A person’s future is always on their mind.  Honestly, I believe short term future is just as important as long term future.  If you think about it, every decision you make is connected, something you say or choose to believe now, could effect how you feel about something similar in the future.  I’ll keep you updated on how my life plan is going in a while(:

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My School Routine

My routine for school never really changes.  I’m not someone who hits the snooze button in the morning.  I get up at 6:30 every morning, except on Tuesdays, when I get up at 5:45 and go to tennis practice.  I meander to the bathroom and turn on either the flattening or curling iron and wait for it to heat up.  By the time I am done, its about 6;45 and I go back to my room and get dressed.  My favorite cereal is some off-brand type of Cheerio.. so that’s what I almost always have for breakfast.  I usually walk to school with my best guy friend..more like brother..so I leave the house around 7:35 after brushing my teeth and getting my lunch together.  It takes us about 10 minutes to get to school, depending on the type of weather.

My first class of the day is Language Arts and Social Studies.  Next, I have flex, where I am learning about money management, it doesn’t probably sound like the most intriguing class, but it is one of my favorites because I won’t go into the world completely blind on the topic.  After flex, I get to have lunch!  For 4th period I am a teachers assistant and for 5th period I get to just get some energy out with P.E.  My last two classes of the day are Math and Science.  I don’t really have a problem with that because I really enjoy math.  Science, isn’t my FAVORITE class, but I can get through it.

Our school is FULL of technology.  My first block teacher has 20 laptops in her room that we are allowed to use.  My PM block teacher has I think, 20 laptops and about 5 iPads that we can use.  I realize that that is a HUGE deal and yes, I have to say, I take a lot of technology for granted.  We have school from the beginning of September to almost the middle of June, which I think is ridiculous.  The only reason we have to go so far into June this year, is because we got a whole week off due to snow.  In Oregon, we don’t exactly prepare for very much snow, but boy did we get it!

After school, I now go to track practice until 4:45.  Once I get home, I go straight to the kitchen table and do my homework.  After I finish my homework, I usually head to the kitchen for a snack then leap to the couch to watch one of my favorite T.V. shows, Gilmore Girls.  I really actually enjoy school.  Having a routine is good for me and seeing my friends daily is a nice bonus.  They say 7th grade is one of the hardest, I actually agree.  The work isn’t necessarily super hard, the social part is the hard one for me.  I found, focusing on school is more important at this time in someones life and friends are very good to have, yet they aren’t everything.  My school routine works for me very well and I hope it does for quite some time.


Chances For Leadership

There are many chances for leadership around my school.  In the classroom I could speak up more and throw myself into discussion.  I almost always have something to say, it’s really awkward for me to volunteer to share my writing though.  Passion and feelings are always put into my writing, and I don’t know always if I am ready to share them in front of my class.  Being a self manager is a pretty good way to show leadership.  It shows that you can be a good student and aren’t always a complete spaz, but let’s be honest, everyone spazes out sometimes.  Being a self manager is also good because you get rewards, so basically if you put yourself out there, show leadership and do your best in school, you get things in return.

The main leadership program, my goal here at school is WEB(Where Everyone Belongs).  This is a program for incoming 8th graders to be leaders and introduce middle school to the new 6th graders.  WEB is the ultimate way to show that you are a good student, person and overall leader.  I really want to be a WEB leader because I don’t want to be a “scary 8th Grader”.  I am extremely shy around most kids that are in grades above me, even if it’s only one year.  Last year my WEB leaders made me feel so comfortable around the rest of the 8th graders and I want to be able to do that next year.  It is extremely difficult to become a WEB leader but if you are one, you are looked upon very highly by the rest of the school just because they know you are responsible and enough of a leader that you are able to mentor younger kids.  You can be a leader all around school and outside of school as well.  Any organizations, sports teams, stuff like that, are perfect places to stand up, volunteer and show leadership skills.  I definitely am always trying to be the best leader I can.  Of course , everyone gets goofy and messes around when they shouldn’t sometimes(:  But I try and keep that very minimal.

If you have read any of my other posts, you know that I like to write a lot.. probably more than necessary.  With leadership there isn’t too much to write for me.  I think you can’t just read about how to be a leader or what you have to do to lead.  Personally, I think you just have to speak up and show some ideas you have.  For instance, if you are sitting in a table group, be that person who wants to share their writing.  If you have a project with partners, be that partner who has a plan and wants to see it in action.  For me, the best feeling is when you get in a group and everyone looks to you because they know you will always be willing to draw up the best plan for action.  You can’t be a leader if all you do is mess around with your friends.


Tennis on the Brain

Ever since I was five years old, tennis has been running  around through my mind constantly.  Some people think tennis requires not too much effort and is a boring sport, I would like one of those people to attend one of my practices at 6:30 in the morning.  I have tried a few other sports and after looking at it, I believe tennis is actually one of the harder sports to play.  Hand-Eye coordination is key and you can’t be lazy with your footwork.  Now, don’t get the idea that I am one of those people that knows all the statistics on every professional player and knows all the different equipment brands, because I’m not.  I don’t go to all the fancy clubs and camps that coaches try to lure kids into and have them pay absurd amounts of money.  My practices are once a week at 6:30am before school.  Summertime is when I start to compete and travel to different tournaments, that is the thing that scares me to death.  When I play volleyball I can’t wait to play a match, same with track meets.  There is something about tennis, I think it is because I care about it so much, but I get horrible nerves before a tennis match.  Some people get butterflies in their stomach, well I always feel like I swallowed a thousand spiders and they are crawling around inside my stomach making me irritable and a nervous wreck.  Once I get on the court I feel completely relaxed, it’s just the antagonizing hours leading up to that moment.  I don’t really practice with many girls my age.  Only one of my tennis friends is my age, and he just so happens to be one of my best friends and I grew up with him.  For the most part, I play with highschoolers, high school BOYS at that!  That can be good and bad on the nerves, I want to play up to their level, which helps me hit harder and play smarter.  I love my tennis family and know that tennis will always be a large part of my life.


What is a Memory?

A memory, the dictionary defines it as something remembered from the past.  Memories aren’t always good, nor bad.  Sometimes people block memories from the mind, keep them in the back,  hidden with all the things they regret.  There is a big difference between the feeling you get from remembering the time you would bake cookies and the feeling you get from digging into the deep memories of when you lost someone you love.

Joyful, saddening, devastating, unspeakable, are all words that could describe a memory and how it makes someone feel.  Sometimes a person gets over a memory quickly, yet some memories stay in the back of your mind all day, every day.  Life altering decisions, good or bad, can stay on a person’s mind for quite some time.  Think, what if you had been in a tragic accident with two of your friends and you were the only one who survived.  That strong of a memory would keep nagging at you much much longer than the memory of  failing an important test.. even though neither memory is good, one obviously is more memorable than the other.  A memory could have you skipping around and feeling chatty all day long where another could have you moping around, not saying a word and barely wanting to lift your head.

Everyone has different types of memories and everyone responds differently to them.  Especially in these middle school years, so many memories are going to be made.  We need to make the best of our lives now, so as a bad memory from being ignorant in middle school won’t haunt us in the future.  Sometimes even if you try to forget a bad memory, it just can’t, won’t leave.  Bad memories can make you act like a completely new person, and trying to forget or forgive someone for a memory they gave you can be the worst feeling, but having that memory would be even worse.  Basically, a memory isn’t just a former thought, a memory is an experience, a life changing event, or just something that effects you.  My definition of a memory would be something that you will always remember, something beautiful, horrific, scary, amazing, or just memorable. A memory stays with you forever, no matter what feeling it leaves you with.

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Days in the Desert



Photo Credit: mariusz kluzniak via Compfight cc

It had been two days since the accident, and Dave and Max were starting to loose hope.  Even though two days doesn’t seem too long, that all changes when you are stuck in a desert starving and parched.  Max and Dave had been on their way to go camping when their car broke down in the worst possible spot.  The desert, was a place where most of the horror stories they remembered from their childhood were set.  Legends of terrible bandits and crazy people haunted their thoughts as they walked with heat reflecting up on them.  Dave took in a deep breath as he wished again for a cheeseburger and an ice cold Coke.  Max winced as he thought about buzzards that could swoop down on his immobile body on the lower ground.  Dave thought he was seeing something until Max spoke up and questioned,  “Dave, is it just me, or do you see a car driving toward us?”…….


There you go! That is the beginning to the story Days in the Desert.  Now, try and finish the story down in the comment section!



A Great Day in Oregon

Even though Oregon’s weather mostly consists of rain and low temperatures,  the weather can get just perfect enough to float down the river or go to a lake and swim, fish and have fun.  The water doesn’t get very warm, unless it’s been in the 90’s for a while, which can happen.  Unless you can endure cold waters, I suggest you only swim for a bit and have other activities planned.  Fishing is actually quite well in Oregon.  My dad will go fishing just about every day, and whenever we float down  the river you can bet we both have our flies in the water wishing to feel a tug.  Besides fishing and swimming, suntanning is one of my top priorities in the boat.

If a day on the water doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try hiking up Mount Pisgah.  The walk can be a little difficult for some people, but it’s such a nice way to spend a day!  The views are amazing, and if you take a little lunch up to the top it is an ideal spot to picnic.  Plus, where’s bad in a little workout?   It seems like Oregon is kind of underrated.  Oregon has a lot to offer, and I don’t think enough people realize that.  If you ever get the chance, come to Oregon and hang out on the water or on Mount Pisgah, and remember to cheer for the Oregon Ducks! Not the Oregon State Beavers…ever.  So if you are ever feeling like you need to get away and just hang out, come to Oregon.

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