A Look Into The Life of Kate

What is original about me? What could I say that would set me apart from others? People will call me quiet, but it just depends who I’m around.  Some might call me a nerd, I take that as a compliment.  I may not be the loudest or silliest person anywhere, but I am unique.

My family consists of my mother, father and I.  If you count my pets as family, which I do, we have a total of 5 living at our home.  Two chickens and a cat make sure we never sleep through our alarms in the morning.  Sports are a large part of my life, and my parents make sure to exercise daily as well. Tennis is what I love most, then come volleyball and track.  I’m not one to keep calm over a disappointing grade, you could say I am quite the overachiever.  You say overachiever, I say person who is planning her future one step at a time.  Future, is an interesting word for me.  College is definitely on my mind already.  Stanford University, University of Oregon and University of California are my top three wishes.  To do that, I am focusing on my grades very much and also thinking about activities that will look good on an application.  I plan and know that if I plan now, everything will be much easier and not as rushed and stressful in the future.

What words describe me best?  Athletic, competitive, intelligent and selectively outgoing define me for the most part.  But if you think about it, you can’t just describe a person with a few words.  Hundreds of words could come to the mind of one person, and maybe only a couple words seem to describe for another.  That is what my goal is for this blog, to make hundreds, maybe thousands of words to come to your mind, each person’s thoughts a bit different, when they hear Kate.

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